Top Batteries Scrap Price In Melbourne

Top Batteries Scrap
Prices Melbourne

Every year, people dump millions of used batteries in landfills. A significant percentage of Australians do not know that their storage batteries can get them some good dollars when selling them for recycling. Most storage batteries pose serious health risks to humans and threats to the environment if not properly recycled or dumped.

Do you know almost 50 percent of new lead is generated by recycling old lead-based batteries around the globe?

At Melbourne Copper Scraps, we are experts in battery and lead recycling with systems and knowledge in place. We offer excellent scrap battery prices for Melbourne residents and businesses.

Types Of Batteries We Recycle

We buy all types of storage batteries and offer top batteries scrap prices in Melbourne. That includes the following:

When you give your scrap batteries to us for a price, you also contribute to the sustainability of the environment.

Batteries Scrap Price Guide

Metal Type Scrap Brass Price
$.30pkg – $.60pkg

How To Recycle Used Batteries?

Though most batteries come with non-metallic parts, you cannot do much for segregating lead or other metals used in them. Since the dead batteries are hazardous and are often leaking, it is better not to touch the batteries without adequate safety measures.

You can get an online quote for your old batteries from Melbourne Copper Scraps and schedule a free pickup for them from anywhere in Victoria. You can also call our scrap specialists on 0431 037 528 to get an instant quote and schedule pickup.

What Do We Do?

Our specialists will come to your doorstep with tools and equipment for the safe removal of your old batteries. While removing the batteries, they will offer you the highest recycle batteries prices in Melbourne as well.

 At Melbourne Copper Scraps, we have specialised vehicles in different sizes to ensure the safe removal of your battery scraps for a price. It means that we have vehicles to carry your battery scraps of any size and quantity. Our vehicles also ensure safe removal and transport of storage batteries to our office.

We Also Recycle

In addition to different types of storage batteries, we also recycle various scrap metals and alloys, including copper, lead, iron, steel, brass, aluminium, and stainless steel.

As we give excellent scrap battery prices per kg in Melbourne, we offer top prices for scrap metals and alloys as well. You can contact our scrap specialists online or by calling 0431 037 528 with your questions and requirements.