Stainless Steel Scrap Price

Stainless Steel Scrap Price

stainless steel scrap price
Metal Type Stainless Steel Scrap
Stainless Steel
$1.01 per kg to $1.68

Do you have stainless steel scrap lying on your premises and want to use it to generate some money? Contact our experts today to find the best stainless steel recycling prices for your metal waste.

Stainless Steel Scrap Price Per Kg

The stainless steel scrap price for the most used steel grades could range between $1.01 per kg to $1.68 per kg. The cost of the alloy keeps fluctuating due to various international and domestic factors.It is best to rely on the experts to give you the best stainless steel recycle price. 

Stainless steel is an iron alloy made with a combination of different metals. Different metallic combinations have created more than three thousand different variations of this alloy to date. Depending on the composition of metals, it can be broadly classified into:

Caustentic: also known as the 200 series, is made of iron-chromium-nickel-manganese alloys.

Austenitic: also referred to as the 300 series, it is metallic and non-magnetic and mainly made of iron-chromium-nickel alloys. It is the most common type, generally found in two grades: 304 and 316, and is used to make household appliances, cooking ranges, tubes, bars, rails, sheets, and plates. The 304-grade comprises iron, chromium, nickel, while 316 contains molybdenum and attracts a higher price.

Ferritic: as the name suggests, it retains iron’s magnetic properties, with a high content for chromium and carbon. This unique combination of metals makes it ductile and resistant to corrosion; it is used to make automotive parts, kitchenware, and a wide range of industrial equipment.

Martensitic: the least common alloy. Its corrosion resistance is low and generally requires polymer coating; it is useful for its hardness and tensile strength.

Unless your stainless steel is labelled for quality and grade, it can be challenging for the seller to determine the type of alloy and provide you with the correct stainless steel recycling rate.


Stainless steel scrap price per kg ranges from $1.01 per kg to $1.68. The cost is dependent on the composition of the scrap and the grade and quality of the waste. However, the alloy prices fluctuate and are heavily reliant on the volatile international and domestic market conditions.

Stainless steel is an iron alloy; metals like chromium, nickel, molybdenum, tungsten, and niobium are added to iron in different combinations to render distinct alloy properties suitable for various usages.

Industrial demands have led to the creation of 3500 variations of steel to date. It is not easy to have a single price metal. However, with sophisticated technology, it is possible to analyse the metals’ composition in the alloy and estimate the stainless steel recycling best cost.

We use the latest technology to get optimal output from any stainless steel scrap; this enables us to give our customers the best price for their metal waste.

Contact our experts for a detailed analysis of the stainless steel scrap, and we guarantee the best pricing for your metal waste.

Various factors determine the price of stainless steel scrap:

  • Type and grade of steel.
  • International market: for instance, nations like India and China are the biggest importers of stainless steel; any policy changes in these countries impacts the global stainless steel scrap prices.
  • Domestic factors like oil and fuel prices impact the prices of scrap.
  • Demand and supply conditions: higher demand for stainless steel automatically boosts the prices of stainless steel scrap.
  • Scrap yards involved: some brokers will give you a better deal than others.

Professional scrap yards like Melbourne Copper understand that one man’s waste is another man’s treasure. We know how valuable your metal scrap is. We keep all these factors in mind and calculate the best price for your metal scrap.

Deriving the real worth of scrap stainless steel is difficult. Besides factors like demand and supply, international market conditions, domestic factors like oil and fuel prices, and the type and grade of the metal – the alloy’s value depends on how clean the metal is. The value of the alloy diminishes with:

  • The coating of other metals on the surface.
  • Plastic or other metals attached to the alloy to make everyday items.
  • Paint coating on it.

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