Stainless Steel Recycling

Stainless Steel Recycling


Stainless steel is long-lasting and 100 per cent recyclable. Recycled stainless steel comprises 60 per cent of all the stainless steel produced annually across the globe. Its valuable raw materials like nickel, chromium, molybdenum, niobium, tungsten, and titanium can be recovered by a sophisticated stainless steel recycling process, making recycling stainless steel economically profitable.

Every organisation strives to accomplish its environmental sustainability goals. Recyclability is a significant determinant for selecting raw materials, making stainless steel a popular choice for all construction and manufacturing companies. 

Stainless steel recycling helps organisations reduce their carbon footprint as the discarded metal from the industries and households does not degrade quickly and is a risk to the planet and people at large. Stainless steel, if not recycled, will contribute to landfills.

Stainless Steel Scrap 

We offer end-to-end services to dispose of both old and new stainless steel scrap, thereby helping your organisation meet your commitment towards the planet.

Recycled stainless steel obtained from stainless steel scrap is 33 per cent energy efficient than austenitic stainless steel production. Recycling stainless steel cuts down the cost of mining, cleaning impurities and transportation to refineries.

Effective management of waste and metal scraps reflects the corporate commitment towards the environment and establishes the brand as being valuable to the planet. Brands can communicate the same to their customers, consumers, employees, and other stakeholders to positively impact the environment.

Recycled stainless steel can be effectively used to create various items like cutlery, cookware, kitchen appliances, corrosion-resistant roofs and walls, bacteria resistant food storage, surgical instruments and machines, and passenger rail cars in high-speed trains.

Comprehensive Stainless Steel Recycling Solutions

We provide hassle-free stainless steel scrap pick up right from your doorstep. Our services are available across Victoria as we offer same day pick up for stainless steel anywhere in Melbourne at no additional cost.

Our specialists will work closely with you to understand your business and design a convenient recycling stainless steel solution to suit your needs. Our end-to-end recycling solutions include providing stainless steel recycling bin to store scrap at your property and collecting scrap from your doorstep.


Our experts are well equipped to dismantle heavy machinery before loading it in our stainless steel recycling bins and clearing it from your property.

Customised Recycle Stainless Steel Bins To Suit Your Requirements

As recycling and waste disposal partners for your business, we provide stainless steel bins for both one-time service and regular contracts. Bins help collect industrial off-cuts by grade, and we’ve got the right bin to suit your requirements. 

Our containers range from six cubic meters to twenty-six cubic meters and can hold all dimensions and weight scraps. We supply bins for residential purposes and industrial use, as per your needs.

Recycle Stainless Steel For Cash

Besides freeing up space, you’ll be surprised to know how much revenue can be generated from the stainless steel scrap lying idle in your property. For industries that generate metal scraps regularly, it could mean a consistent revenue stream for their business. 

We use sophisticated technology to recycle stainless steel, reduce wastage, and give you the best value for your metal scrap. You can rely on us to get the best stainless steel recycling prices for all your heavy machinery, industrial cut-offs, vehicles, pipes, rods, plates, or any other stainless steel scrap.

Why Should You Choose Melbourne Copper?

We partner with our clients to meet their environmental sustainability goals by effectively recycling their metal scraps. We provide professional and hassle-free solutions for stainless steel scrap disposal so that our clients can focus on their core businesses, thereby improving their overall productivity and revenue.

Our clients in Victoria trust us for providing quick, efficient, and reliable stainless steel recycling services. We use sophisticated tools and the latest technology to deliver value to our customers because we believe in building lasting relationships. Our services are entirely licenced and insured, reinstating our commitment to providing the best service possible.

We join hands with our clients to contribute to the Australian economy. Every year, Australia exports 115 thousand metric tonnes of stainless steel scrap to various countries like Japan, China, India, South Korea, and Taiwan, thereby generating revenue and contributing to the economy.

Our strength lies in our sophisticated tools, efficient logistics, and the expertise of our employees, which helps us execute industrial cleanouts and decommissioning with ease.

Get A FREE Quote On Stainless Steel Recycling

Recycling stainless steel is a great idea. At Melbourne Copper, we ensure that it is hassle-free by providing all-inclusive services for recycling stainless steel scrap – including supplying bins at your premises and collecting at times that are convenient for you. 


We provide the best price for your stainless scrap; contact us for a free quote for your stainless steel scrap on 0431 037 527.