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Brass is a metal alloy of zinc and copper with excellent use in manufacturing plumbing fixtures, machines, tools, and more. Because of this, it is also a highly demanded scrap metal alloy for the recycling industry as well.

At Melbourne Copper Scraps, we offer the best brass scrap price for our customers in Melbourne. If you have brass taps, plumbing fittings, ornaments, or anything else, you can contact us to get the highest scrap brass price in Melbourne.

While we ensure the highest brass prices in Melbourne, it is not constant due to the changing market prices of brass.

What Types Of Brass Do Melbourne Copper Scraps Recycle?

Melbourne Copper Scraps recycle a range of brass scrap products including:

In conclusion, we accept all types of brass scrap products while offering the highest brass price per kg in Melbourne.

Top Scrap Brass Price

Metal Type Scrap Brass Price
$3.60 to $6 per kg

What Should I Do To Recycle My Brass Scrap?

At Melbourne Copper Scraps, we arrange a free pickup for your brass metal, not only in Melbourne but throughout Victoria. You can either call us on 0431 037 528 or request us an online quote for your scraps. Note that the recycle brass price is based on the type of brass material. Keeping different brass materials separated can help you to get the maximum brass recycling price.

By choosing us for your brass recycling needs, you not only benefit from our free pickup service and convenient communication options but also receive a reliable and trustworthy recycling experience. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers by providing exceptional service and fair scrap metal prices.

You should know that the price of scrap brass is also based on factors such as grade and colour.

Here are a few steps to get maximum brass scrap metal price:

You can use the alloy designation number of your brass scrap to understand the value of it and get the best price.

What Else Should I Do?

Just use our free quote form to let us know the details of your brass scrap and give us your contact details. You can also call us on 0431 037 528 with your questions and get the quote for your brass scraps. We have scrap pickup vehicles of different sizes, and we can send appropriate vehicle according to the weight and quantity of your brass scraps.


Brass is widely used in manufacturing pipes, tubes, screws, machines, tools, and more. This is why it is one of the high in demand scrap metal alloys in the recycling industry. If you have brass taps or ornaments, or fittings that you don’t require, you may sell them to earn a reasonable brass scrap price. You may expect to receive about $2000 to $6500 per tonne of scrap brass. The exact cost per tonne will depend on the evaluation results on the type of metal and its recycling cost. If you have brass scrape to sell, you may contact us, and we will come to your door to pick it for you at no additional cost.

The price for brass scrap isn’t constant due to changing market prices. However, you may expect the price to be anywhere between $3.50 to $5 per kilo. If you want to know today’s cost for brass scarp, it is best to connect with the team at Melbourne Copper Scraps. You may call us on 0431 037 528 or fill in our free quote form, and we will contact you at the earliest. Please note that the price of brass scrap keeps on changing, so if you had enquired the price from us a month ago, it must have changed till now.  

Brass is a recyclable scrap metal that is in great demand in Australia. If you have any brass tools, taps, screws, ornaments, etc., that you no longer need, you may consider selling them to Melbourne Copper Scraps. We can arrange a pick-up for your old brass right from your doorstep – be it your home, office, or factory. Connect with us, and we will schedule a pick-up for your old brass and pay you for the same instantly. No matter how small or big the quantity of your old brass is, we can collect it conveniently from your address.   

Yes. Brass is one of the high in demand metals in scrap yards. Many household items may have brass, and taking these items to a scrap yard may pay you well. For example, you may find brass in your bed frames, serving trays, door handles, lamps, etc. Mostly, brass found in household items is yellow brass. If you aren’t sure about what type of brass the waste or old items are made of, you can take them to scrap yards for evaluation. All scrap yards will check for the kind and quality of brass to pay you accordingly.  

Yellow brass scrap is common in mixed brass casings, plumbing tubes, bolts, clamps, door handles, sink faucets, and more. Brass that contains zinc in high proportion is yellow. The higher the amount of zinc, the more yellow the brass is. Therefore, the value of scrap yellow brass may depend upon the metal quality and the proportion of zinc. You can contact us today to know the price of yellow brass scrap that you are willing to sell. We can evaluate your yellow brass scrap and quote an accurate price for the same. If you are satisfied with our quotation, we can offer upfront money for the same.  

The brass scrap price per kg is about $3.50 to $5. A metal alloy of zinc and copper, brass is commonly used to make plumbing fixtures, tools, and more. So it got a high demand in the scrap metal industry. If you want to sell old brass plumbing fixtures, tools, or machinery, you may get in touch with the team at Melbourne Copper. We buy brass scrap at the best possible price, depending on its grade and quality. Our team will check for the quality of the brass scrap to determine its per kilo price.  

Scrap brass is in great demand in the scrap metal industry. Many homes have old brass plumbing fittings and tools that can be sold for a reasonable price. Brass has a good demand in the recycling industry as well, and this is another reason why selling brass scrap gets you good money. Melbourne Copper is a metal scrap dealer offering a good per kilo price for selling your brass scrap. So if you want to dispose of your brass machinery or tools, you may get in touch with us. We promise to offer a fair price for your things and impress you with our services like sameday pickup and on-the-spot money.  

Lead is in great demand in the recycling industry because it has an excellent recovery rate of 95 per cent and more. Half of the new lead products found in the market are made from recycled lead. If you have scrap lead in your home that you are willing to sell, you can expect to earn about $1 to $1.50 per kilo. Melbourne Copper Scraps offers the best scrap lead price in Melbourne. We buy scrap lead from you, recycle it and bring it back to the market. So no matter what type of lead product you have, you can sell it to us for a reasonable price.  

Selling your lead scrap can earn you a decent profit because lead is a recyclable material in good demand in the metal scrap industry. Though scrap lead may not make you as much money as scrap brass or copper, it can still get you some money. Most of the new lead products sold in the market are made of recycled lead, which is a significant reason why scrap dealers prefer buying scrap lead. For every kilo of scrap you sell, you can expect to make about $1 to $1.50. Get in touch with Melbourne Copper now to sell scrap lead in your home or office.